Lyrics to “Time” by @The Izik5



God I need you close to me

Even as breath is to life

So when the sun wakes the earth

Let your grace and your mercy surround us cloud us abound us Coz it was your love that found us  Am down in the depth like Michael phelps and I need your help better call it helps Every where go I see you face I touch your grace I see traces of heavens place I don’t wanna go to a place if your are not there I don’t wanna go to a place if you”re not there Coz a day in your presence is Better than a thousand anywhere I rather be a door keeper in the presence of my God than dwell in the tents with wicked people I wake in the morning I thank God For my friends and my family and my enemies and those that press and stress me Well if  your for us your for us But if you are not then you are against us But if God be for us who can be against us tell me who can be against us as I go through the vally some may be hilly please Lord will you be my lilly Answer me when I call pick me when I fall answer me when I call


Your love was all that I need

Though it took me time to see


I need your L-O-V-E  ASAP

Am as serious as a heart attack

If I said it’s not true then I will be lying to you I chose only you live for you die for you I remember the days when I was living for my self then it was self It was all about me myself and I There was no one else So I lifted up eyes unto the hills from Which comes my help My help comes from the lord who made the heavens and the earth Just a stranger in a strange land Every day I see dangers but your love me grows stronger Stronger like not other Stronger than the love of a mother I don’t wanna fall I just wanna Stand Tall but if I fall I wanna fall in love with Jesus He that dwellet in the secret place of the most high shall abide on  the shadow of the almighty and I will say of the lord he is my rock and my refuge my God in him will I trust I trust God to trust God it’s a must In God I trust Who do you trust ?

In God i trust

In him will I trust


Your love was all that I need

Though it took me time to see




Don’t know where I’ll be

What  I’ll do where I’d  go

If I didn’t have you have you

Am so glad I going you 


Ted R. Weiland, Review of Fred Hutchinson’s “The Crisis of the Post Modern World View”

Fred Hutchinson: “The postmodern worldview is schizophrenic. It is split in two,
and the two parts contradict one another.” This has been true since the framers
established a constitution that erected a humanistic government of, by, and for
the people rather than a government of, by, and for Yahweh (as in 17th-century
colonial America) and Christians have been supporting it as if it were a
Christian and godly document.

Find out how much you really know about the
Constitution as compared to Yahweh’s moral law (His commandments, statutes, and
judgments). Take our Constitution Survey at and receive a free copy of
the “Primer” (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of “Bible Law vs. the
United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

My Twitter Bio, revised 8.12.12

I have decided to shorten and revise my for Twitter bio. After reading +100 books & thousands of blogs over the past year on man’s political activities, I have decided politics is almost wholly a waste of my time. I am glad to have confirmed this since I already knew that I am not “of this world”, and so Jesus’ Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20, is God’s only purpose for keeping me on this earth any longer.

Statistics show that very, very few come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ after the age of 30. Since this is so, going forward, I will focus on activities having to do with my Twitter name, i.e. “Encourage the Young”.  All the “young” fall into only two eternally important categories as follows:

  1. Young Christian Leaders, and,
  2. Young not yet Christians.

I believe we are in what God calls the “latter days” in His Word,, and, that God is not causing our nations ills, but is withdrawing His “hedge of protection from the U.S.A. and so He is allowing the troubles authored by the opposer,  This is why I am resigning from almost all activity in politics.

May God Bless You & Yours, BroLes

P.S. If you are a CHRISTian Gen Xer, appx. over 30, please consider helping God encourage the “Next Generation” as well. It’s mostly on the watch of my “Generation Zero”,, that the U.S.A. has been lost temporarily to the opposer, in my humble opinion. Help me explain to The Young that Jesus is still in control and that the earth’s ills are only temporary and Jesus will come back in victory!

P.S. 1 As time permits, I will engage in worldly subjects I covered in the past. Scan my previous blogs. If you do not find an answer there, let’s discuss via Twitter direct messaging.

NPLA, We Twitter Folk/NPLA Members Need a Coupla Tools

mailed via snail mail to:

Martin Fox, President, National Pro Life Alliance

Mr. Fox,

You have many members that are also members of the Twitter*, facebook and other social media networks. We have MILLIONS of followers. We’d like to be able to assist. To send your wonderful email today about #TedCruz in Texas I must have:

  • a web link to that letter

Also, if you have a Twitter account, I cannot find it. You must have this to communicate effectively in the 21st century (if I am incorrect, what’s you Twitter UserName?)

May God continue to bless You & Yours for What You Do,


cc: via Twitter

@RandPaul 51,000 followers   P.S. Mr. Fox, Unless you include a web link or the Paul people retweet with a web link (which they usually do), we cannot forward your letters via Twitter or facebook) There are many Christian Ministries that have many more followers than Senator Paul. I am sure many would retweet your letters if you gave them a web link to those letters to do so.

@PerryLyons Perry Lyons 1,259 followers

@FairTaxNancy Nancy, 3,740 followers

@faith4liberty Tricia, 2,912 followers

@ryanra Rudy Ryan, 4,000 followers

@yogich7 Yogich, 400 followers

No Wonder God Has Abandoned Us, GOP #TXSen Race

Abortion stops a beating heart. This has happened 56,000,000 times in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade. I could not have quoted that number myself before last week.*

Yet in what some call the most conservative state in the union neither GOP candidate for U.S. Senator lists this issue on the front page of their campaign website, much less mentions the current Life at Conception Act being debated in the U.S. Congress.*

Out of site, out of mind. Is it any wonder why God is abandoning the U.S. as a nation?

Paul Ehrlich on Overpopulation, 1968

Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb.

Basically, then, there are only two kinds of  solutions to the population problem. One is a “birth  rate solution,” in which we find ways to lower the  birth rate. The other is a “death rate solution,” in which ways to raise the death rate – war, famine, pestilence  – find us.